Sunday, August 28, 2011

So many awesome days!!

Merida Aug28 002Merida does not get much rain this time of the year but there was a short burst of rain this afternoon which filled some of the streets.

I went to the Zocolo, which is the center of town with a big park. There is music and stuff going on there every weekend. There were dancers in traditional clothing.

Merida Aug28 010

Merida Aug28 015

There was a great band.

Merida Aug28 020

And later, another fun band. I can’t imagine wearing jeans, long sleeves, and dancing because of the heat. This band had a lot of energy. Isn’t the building in the background beautiful? There are so many beautiful buildings.

Merida Aug28 028Merida Aug28 023

I waited 35 minutes for the return bus and then it passed me by. Since it was dark and another bus would not come, I decided to take a taxi. It was probably 15 minutes by taxi to the house and cost me 50 pesos.

I returned to my room to find lots of cockroaches. 2 in my shower and 3 on my floor. I took car of these but I can’t catch the one that has ran across my bed twice. And ya know…it doesn’t even bother me.


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