Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 1 Merida

merida 002There is this Iguana that sits on a wall on my way to the bus stop.  The first 3 days he would run for cover when I arrived.  He must be accustomed to me now because yesterday and today he just looked at me.

merida 006Nick, this picture is for you.  I want you to be thankful that I did not do this to you as a child so that the shape of your head would be more pleasing.  This is from the Museum of Anthropology.  There was another picture showing a baby on a board with pressure on the front of the skull.  They (The Mayans) did not do this to the babies until they were 3-4 days old.

merida 024merida 015More pictures from the Museum.  I love the little carved pieces.  They are so detailed.  The snake is for Steph.

merida 014merida 012merida 010merida 009merida 004

Street Art:

merida 025merida 029 All the way down Paseo Montejo are these sculptures.

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