Thursday, August 4, 2011


Wednesday August 8th

I went on the excursion to Tlaxcala. Tlaxcala is the name of the city and also of the state. It was just over an hour away by bus. First we visited the Palacio de Gobierno (1545). In the Palacio is 450 meters of painted murals of the history of Tlaxcala.

Tlaxcala 006Tlaxcala 005

The other places we visited were the Museum of Arts and Traditional Populares de Tlaxcala, the Ex-Convent Franciscano which is the first convent in North America, The Plaza de los Toros (bulls), and a Pulqueria. Pulque is a unrefined indigenous alcoholic drink. I liked it this time much better as it was mango flavor.

Tlaxcala 011Plaza de los Toros

Tlaxcala 021Tlaxcala 023

I did it. I ate two Chiles en Nogada tonight. yep I am planning on returning a little Gordita, and I’m hoping I will only be a little Gordita, not super Gorda. I did go out walking this AM though. I have only missed one day of exercise this week, however the weight lifting isn’t really burning enough calories. Oh yeah and we are eating these again this Saturday. Now I see why they cost $15-$20 US for one. They are delicious and it takes so much work and expensive ingredients to make them. They are so Pretty!!

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