Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Chiles en Nogada

On Friday with my Guia (guide)  I went to a Talavera Factory and went on a personal tour.  The pottery is very beautiful and very expensive.  Each piece is hand made and has to go through many different processes.                                            

I also went to the Inglesia San Francisco, were I saw a mummified Saint, Fray Sebastian de Ajaricio .  He is the saint of drivers, like taxi and bus drivers and such.  They had to put him in a glass case because people had broken of pieces of his toes as mementos or something.  maybe it would be like having part of the Saint in your own home????

I also went to a place with Public lavaderos (sinks for washing laundry) that was within a building and there had to have been between 200-300 sinks.  This is no longer used but I found that very interesting.  Like a Laundromat but from the past…..

Last night I went to a Baby Shower.  They use the same name here for a Baby Shower.  I enjoyed it.  We ate dinner at the house before we went and then had cookies and drinks at the shower.  We played Bingo but here it is called Listeria and when you win that is what you call out.  All the pictures had the names written under the picture (thank goodness) and they called them out really fast.  We covered the spaces with different types of beans. I really was a lot of fun.  After several games we were served a full dinner, which consisted of an awesome salad and then a pie of Huitlacoche which as I understand it, is mushrooms that grow on the corn cobs.  Then we found out that they had two other kinds too, one made with tuna and then my favorite, Mole with Pollo.  So I had to have 1/2 of a piece of that.  After the gifts were opened pictures were taken, like we would take at a wedding.  The expectant mother and her family, the expectant father and his family, all the aunties, all the cousins, etc. etc.

 Chiles en Nogada 001This morning I helped prepare Chiles En Nogada again, only this time, I got to stuff the chilies.  Then I watched as they were dipped in flour, the egg mixture and then fried.  We were having a “special meal” today because the student that lived here before me had been on a trip for a week and was passing back through on his way to Mexico City with a friend.  It was a really nice afternoon.


Chiles en Nogada 011Chiles en Nogada 004

Marie Elena, Jorge, Tom, and Brian 

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