Sunday, August 28, 2011

Arrived in Merida

I arrived yesterday afternoon into Merida and was greeted by Gloria and Jose Luis.  They have a nice home with a pool.  I have my own room, bathroom, and little patio that are separate from the house.  Oh and I even have a TV in my room.  It is sooo hot here. 

Puebla Merida 007

Here is a view of the pool last night at sunset.


Puebla Merida 011Puebla Merida 017

Here is my room and my patio.

Puebla Merida 022Puebla Merida 019

Daytime views of the pool.

at the pool 006

And me at the pool.  Remember I said it is HOT here and super humid.

After arriving at the home yesterday afternoon, I learned that the sister of Jose Luis had passed away three days prior due to breast cancer.  They went to mass last night and then more than 30 family members were scheduled to arrive for dinner after the mass.  I was invited to join them but declined. 

The last night with Maria Elena and Jorge, we watched a movie until 11:00 and then I had to pack.  I only got 4 1/2 hours of sleep Friday night so last night while they were at mass, I went for a mini walk.  It is super hard to understand the streets here.  The are numbered in each direction but without North, South, etc.  so it is super confusing.  And me with NO sense of direction!  After the walk I watched National Geographic in Spanish.

Today Gloria and I went on an excursion to my school.  We walked for 8-10 blocks and then took the bus (17 min. by bus) and then walked 2 more blocks to arrive at the school.  I thought I could walk there but I have since changed my mind and will definitely be taking the bus.  I was soaked just standing and can’t imagine how wet I would be walking.  Well I can image it and that is why I won’t be doing it.  Also my walking 3 days a week for this next month will come to a stop.

I will head back into town later today to see some local dances at the Palacio Municipal.

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