Friday, August 19, 2011

Extracurricular Activities

just a few highlights:

Sopa de napal (cactus), Pepita verde Mole, Pyramids of Teotihucan, Castillo Chipoltepec in Mexico City, Museo del Alfinique,  Teatro Principal, El centro de convenciones, Biblioteca Palafoxiana, with its 15th century books, Tecala (ciudad) with the Franciscan ex-convent of Santiago Apostol de  16th century, onyx and marble factory, roses, dvd’s, dark Mexican chocolate, new baby iPod for my Spanish music and lessons, calle de computacion, graduation banquet at Spetto’s, a different Museum de Bello, finished the day off with a beer with my fabulous guide Haiti and then a beer with my friend Angie, oh yeah and a salsa class.  Whew!!

Biblioteca Palafoxiana Truly Amazing

The origins of Palafoxiana Library date to 1646 when a personal collection of approximately 5,000 volumes was contributed to the Colegio de San Juan y San Pedro by Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza. In 1773, Bishop Don Francisco Fabi├ín y Fuero ordered the construction of the Palafoxiana Library in the historic center of the city of Puebla to house Bishop Juan’s donation. The walls of the 43-meter-long library were fitted with two tiers of bookshelves made of ayacahuite pine, cedar, and coloyote wood. The western wall displays the mid-14th century retable of the Madonna of Trapana, painted by Nino Pisano. Throughout the colonial period, large quantities of prints and manuscripts were donated by other bishops, different religious institutions, and private individuals, and the library grew to rival the finest libraries of 18th-century Europe. The library’s collection grew to over 41,000 volumes in the 19th century, requiring a third tier of bookshelves. The added weight of these bookshelves contributed to the damage sustained during the 1999 earthquakes, as the older lower levels had weakened due to insect damage. These conditions, combined with the weight of the third tier, made the bookcases more susceptible to damage during the earthquakes. The baroque cloistered building still has many architectural and decorative elements, including the original 18th century wooden bookcases.


Teotihucan 151Teotihucan 090

1st Pic- I am standing on the top of the Temple of the Sun with the Temple of the Moon in the background.

2nd pic- is  model inside the museum.  This is only maybe 1/4-1/3 of the actual model of the city.

Teotihucan 078Teotihucan 120

The museum was amazing.  I love all of the figures.


Within the city of Tecali we traveled to the Onyx and Marble Factory and then to the Ex-Convent of Santiago Apostol de  16th century.  It is known for its beautiful columns and arches.  It is one of the only renaissance structures of the New World.

Tecali Franciscan ex convent of santiago Apostal 15th century 006Tecali Franciscan ex convent of santiago Apostal 15th century 012Tecali Franciscan ex convent of santiago Apostal 15th century 016Tecali Franciscan ex convent of santiago Apostal 15th century 014Tecali Franciscan ex convent of santiago Apostal 15th century 013

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