Friday, August 12, 2011

Another week that flew by

I am just plain lucky.  Last Sunday, my family bought 3 different types of tamales for breakfast.  They were delicious. 


For dinner they bought Cemitas which is a local speciality.  They are huge!  Then we had paletas.  This week I went to a couple more museums, watched a movie “las mujeres arriba” with Penelope Cruz.  I watched that  with my guide.  I also returned to the Talevera Fabrica.  I will have to dedicate a separate page just to Talevera next.  I went to a Zumba class on Tuesday.  Tonight (Friday) I went to a Cumbia class followed by another dance class that I cannot remember the name of.  The Cumbia class was SO much fun.  Usually you can’t drag guys to dancing classes but there were a few that actually wanted to go.

Sunday is a big excursion to Teotihuacan and Mexico City. 

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