Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can I get deported? aka La vida es tan bueno!!

I am in love with the school here and with my new family too.

I got picked up on Sunday and moved close to the Centro.  My new family consists of Maria Elena who is 50 years old and her husband Jorge who is 63.  They are amazing!  They have a son who is 24 or 25 and is going to school 3 hours away from here.  He is a psychologist.  I think he will be here on Sunday.

Arrived Sunday in time for lunch.  I ate chalupas and rice (a lot of both).  Then we talked for several hours, in Spanish, and I can understand them.  I love it.  Did I already say that?

For dinner we had soup made from the flower of the calabasa (yummy) and tacos arabes (from a restaurant).  Then we talked a bunch more.

Monday I had breakfast of toast, jam, fruit, yogurt, and coffee and it was prepared for me.  For lunch we have the choice of 2 restaurants in town.  I ate beans, rice, chicken, tortillas, aqua de pineapple,  and dessert.

In the afternoons I have a private conversation guide and so we went to the Museo Amparo.  The exhibit of the Mayans was really awesome.

For dinner (which we were warned at the school to eat a big lunch bcz our dinner would be really small) I ate pollo in an adobe sauce, carne de rez (beef) in another sauce, and a huge serving de broccoli as well as two pieces of Tuna.  Now don’t be confused, tuna is a fruit from a cactus and it is delicious.  It is about the size of a Kiwi.  About 9:00 PM I had tea and pan de dulce.  Are you feeling sorry for me yet?  I had actually lost weight here and now I am sure I am going to be a bit chubby when I return.  There are just too many delicious new things to try.

This morning, Tuesday, I scaled down on breakfast and only ate fruit, pan de dulce and coffee.  For lunch I ate bean soup (delicious), a salad with blue cheese and pears, and a piece of chicken.

This afternoon with my Guia (guide) Consuelo, we went to the Museo Bello, to the Inglesia de las compania temple del espiritu Santo from the  18th century and then to the Capilla del Rosario dentro de la Inglesia de Santo Domingo.  This last stop may have been the most amazing or at least it ties with the Mayan Exhibit.  I would love to send more info on these places if I get time but I’m guessing that my days will all be full.

For dinner I had a good sized plate of pasta followed by a good size bowl of Mole Soup with vegetables and a whole piece of chicken.  I had to tell Maria Elena that probably half of the amount I ate would be better for me.

After dinner I helped her with Chiles en Nogada which Puebla is famous for.  She had hired another woman to help her today because it is such a laborious event.  They worked for 11 hours on the mixture before the other woman left.  Then I helped for another 2 hours.  Tomorrow or the next day, the chiles will be stuffed and then left in the fridge for a couple days before we eat them.

They are only in season for a couple months.  They are in lots of restaurants right now, ranging from $15-$20 per plate.

Jorge told me I will gain weight bcz of all the vitamina T:

tortillas, tacos, tortas, tamales, taquitas, and more.  I just don’t remember the others.

I have a nice room here and it is so amazingly quiet that I feel like I need to turn on some music.  I am not used to the tranquilidad, but I’m sure with practice I will get used to it.

Tomorrow (all the Wednesdays) I will go on different excursions.  Tomorrow is to Tlaxcala.

I have decided to stay an additional 2 weeks and I’m seriously thinking of adding an additional 2 weeks to that.  So my stay here with the school will be 6-8 weeks.  I know some of you won’t be in love with that but it will give me an advantage in job hunting.  My current situation here could not be better.


And who knows the answer about deportation from Mexico.  I know that I could become a citizen in a day.

Love to all

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  1. love it. soo glad your loving it just as much as I did... have you been back to La Pasita? jajaja espero que estes muy bien! Cuidate mucho!