Friday, September 23, 2011

John Paul II returns to Mexico

Well today is a very exciting day here. The ex-Pope, John Paul II, or rather the relics of the Pope are here in Puebla today.

This morning there was a parade down 16 de septiembre, followed by a Mass. This afternoon at 2:30, you could barely walk through the central part of the city where the Cathedral is. The lines to enter the Cathedral last for blocks in every direction. I was told by my guide, Gabby that the crowds I could see were nothing compared to what it would be like this evening. This gives you an idea of how much the people of Mexico loved this Pope. It is quite astonishing to be here and witness this.

He was known as the "Mexican Pope". He visited mexico 5 times. His relics are on a tour through Mexico, which will encompass 93 cities.

Now about me.......

I love Puebla. I love the People. I love the school, SI Puebla. This has been an amazing experience for me here. I am coming home a different person. Everyone here is so kind and helpful. I wish everyone could have the perspective that I have of Mexico and the people here.

I return home with mixed emotions. I will be happy to be reunited with my family and friends but I am also leaving a family and friends here too.

I hope I have the opportunity to return.

I have checked in for my flight on line. Tomorrow I will begin my journey home via bus at 11:00 AM from Puebla to Mexico City, followed by a flight to Atlanta, a 3 hour layover and then one more flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake.

Thank You Mexico!!!!

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