Saturday, September 17, 2011

Independence Day 16th of Septiembre

Mexico 044
This is one big pot of Mole Poblano. 
Mexico 070Mexico 073Mexico 065
Leni is my guide for this week.  We went out for a beer to jump start the holiday.

Mexico 051Mexico 047
The streets are lined with vendors for blocks and blocks all around the Zocalo
Mexico 053Mexico 052Mexico 045Mexico 055
On the right, you can see the metal detector and if you look close a man is taking his scooter through the detector.  There were metal detectors at all the different access spots and probably a thousand cops in the city.
I spent the afternoon in town and then I spent the evening at home with my family.  We watched, "La Grita" on TV, both in Puebla and in Mexico City too.  It was awesome to watch it and to see the fireworks.
On the 16th, I spent the morning cooking with Maria Elena and her friend Diciembre.
Some of the teachers at my school had invited me to go out with them the night of the 16th.  There were 6 of us.  Me pase bien.  I danced and had a great time!!! I was the only non-Mexican in the bar.  I knew I was NOT in Utah when we ordered a bucket of 10 beers.  Our glasses had salted rims and lime juice in them.  There was a table of 4 people next to us and they ordered a box of 20 beers.  It was a perfect way to celebrate Independence Day Mexico Style.
Today I walked in to town to 6 Oriente which is also know as "Calle de Dulces".  I wanted to buy a specific type of Mexican Chocolate for gifts for my teachers and the staff at the school.  El Centro was packed with people that came to town to celebrate the holiday.  It was kind of sad walking around knowing that this is my last weekend here.

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  1. It's like you're on this never ending vacation