Friday, September 16, 2011

I just had to post the replies to my last post from my family

This one is from my son, Nick:

You are a spaz. I am glad that you have enjoyed yourself. You really deserved it. But honestly, it is time to bring your brown ass home. I will be honored to ease your transition back to the land of obesity and excess.

I will show you how to do America when you get back. 

Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Since I am homeless and without a job, my parents are gracious enough to let me stay there, however my mom is not going to let me get away with ANYTHING!!

So this one from my mom:


1.  You can wake up anytime you want until you find a job or a rich man.

2.  Exercise is available here and the bathroom is open most all the time.

3.  When you arrive in the kitchen in the morning you can fix what ever we have, probably not quesadillas.

4.  We also have decaf but not many cookies (not on weight watchers program).

5.  Lunch (see # 3)

6.  Dinner is usually between 6 and 7 pm, we have lots of tea no pan de duice, no arroz con leche.  You will love chatting with your family.

7.  We have some spanish channels that you can watch after 10:30, that is when we go to bed.

8.  Feel free to make fresh fruit popsicles any time you want.

9.  Bonus!!!!  You won't have to walk as far to do your laundry.

10.  Sounds to me like you have lots of new things to cook for us.

We are looking forward to your return, I guess we can pamper you a little.   

Love Mom


MY Mom is so Funny!!!!!

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