Saturday, September 3, 2011

7th Wonder of the New World and I was there today

Every year the Great Chichen Itzá is visited by over a million people. This site, was declared Patrimony of Humanity in 1988, and it is now consider one of The Seven Wonders of the New World. For its combination of culture, history, grandeur and nature Chichen Itzá its a must for any traveler.

Chichen Itzá is one of the most controversial, studied and visited ruins of the Mayan world. Its history and its chronology are the subject of debates and the fate of its people a puzzle that archaeologists continue to theorize about as excavations continue.

The Mayas forged a wide empire with one culture centered in Chichen Itzá. Nevertheless around 1250 A.D. the city was abandoned for reasons still not completely understood. The power of this city was so great that centuries after its fall, it is still a site of peregrination and adoration. Even as recently as 1540 A.D. Francisco de Montejo, founder of Mérida, considered making it his capital.


Chichen-Itza 071Chichen-Itza 056

Chichen-Itza 049Chichen-Itza 030

Chichen-Itza 021Chichen-Itza 020I love this wall of skulls. It is huge!

Chichen-Itza 017

This is a huge area with lots of structures. The Youtube/National Geographic link above is good to get a perspective. umbrella I was totally soaked.

After arriving in Merida this afternoon, I got caught in a major downpour. Even with my umbrella, I was totally soaked.

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