Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything is beautiful

I returned to Puebla yesterday and was able to return to my same house which was awesome.

Last night I slept with my sheet AND the blanket.  It felt so nice.  I wore a sweater to school this morning and this afternoon walked around comfortably in jeans and a T-shirt.

I arrived at school to get a big hug from Rosalie and then one from Antonio.  The other teachers greeted me just like I was family.

I am so happy!!! I am giddy and silly.  I feel like someone slipped something into my drink at lunch.  Even Antonio was giddy and laughing all through lunch.  Something must be in the air here.

I have a great teacher.  I had not seen her before.  Her name is Margarita.  She asked what I wanted to study, then she made a list and said that is just what we will do.  She could not understand why the other school would not do the same.  My experience at the school in Merida was not good.

She had me write a story and read another story out loud.  She told me that I had only a few minor errors.  Happy Happy Happy!!  I felt like I was loosing my ability to speak in Merida since I did not have much of an opportunity in class in Merida but now I feel on top of the world.  I absolutely love my guide.  I had not seen her before.  She was on vacation while I was here before.

Would you believe that tomorrow night is the next graduation party and I am invited.  I am excited. 

Pepe Grillos our restaurant for lunch, was delicious today.  Everything had so much flavor.

Tonight at the house, Maria Elena made Mole for me and Jaimaica.  Then I had tea and cookies but I was so full I could only eat a small piece of the cookie.  You know I am full when that happens since cookies are my favorite food group.

Life is good.

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  1. You sound so happy!
    And you must be fun not to eat the cookie!!!