Sunday, July 17, 2011


Friday night I went out with friends to an Italian-Argentinian restaurant.  I had awesome pasta and delicious red wine.  My belly was really happy.

Saturday morning Nat and I went to our new favorite French bakery and just hung out on their patio eating pastries and reading.  It was so nice.  We are loving finding quiet places.

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The rest of the day was awful.  I thought I could make it through this day but one thing led to another and I was a mess.  So many memories of Brad, labor, delivery, that sweet little baby, the last time I spoke with him, the call that he was gone, seeing his perfect beautiful body in the mortuary.  The emotional pain comes and goes but this time it turned into physical pain that was so intense.


Today, Sunday, I went to Cholula with friends.  We had planned to go through the pyramid which is full of murals but it was closed so be walked around the outside that has been uncovered and walked around Cholula.  When we returned to La Paz, Natalie showed me that we have a Palateria Carmen right by our house.  I ate two, first a Mango Chili which had my mouth burning, so then I was forced to have a strawberry one which was made with milk to cool things down and it was so amazingly delicious. When I got home there was leftover mole with shredded chicken.  It was muy rico!

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