Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sending a package to the US proved to be quite complicated.

I went into town on Friday to the Post Office.  Of note is that mail is delivered to the houses and businesses but cannot be picked up from there.  The only way to send outgoing mail is to go to the post office or a paqueteria which I only found one of those.

OK Friday I show up at the post office with my package.  It was all sealed and ready to go.  They made me open it which I did and they looked through the contents.  Then I was told I would need my passport to send a package to the US.  I did not have it with me so I carried my 2.045 Kilo package 50 minutes back home.

Upon arrivng home I got online to look for a DHL or UPS location of which I found neither.  I asked Amer about a location that I thought might be UPS and he told me that a man in his ward had a paqueteria (package center) where I could send it.  He drew me a map and I walked there.  This paqueteria is actually a parking garage type business.  It was a bit confusing to find but find it I did.

There I learned that it would cost me 865 pesos which is roughly $78.00 US.  The price at the Correo (post office) was 195 pesos.  Of note is that the contents of my package are worth about $13.00 US.  Also at the paqueteria, I was told that the majority of my package may not pass customs.  I would like to tell you what the item is that would have issues at customs but at this point I do not want to ruin the surprise for Nick.

Saturday AM I did some more searching for a UPS office.  Aren’t they everywhere???? One location came up that is not too far from me but when I looked at the picture on Google Maps, there is no way this was a UPS location.  So next I went directly to the UPS Mexico website and confirmed that there is not a location near me.

Nat and I headed back into town with my passport on Saturday (after a stop to get a French pastry).  I went to the counter with my passport to be told that I was .045 over the 2 Kilo weight and should remove something.  I removed one item (sorry Nick).  Then I was instructed that I needed to have the package wrapped in brown paper and sent across the street to a store to do so. 

I returned to the counter all ready to go and was informed that I needed to present to them a copy of my passport so back to the copy center I went.  After returning with my copy, it was basically smooth sailing.

I would like to take this moment to thank those of you who have sent me a package since I have been in Mexico.  I REALLY appreciate it.

Sending postcards and letters and even manilla envelopes with candy and such does not require a passport and jumping through all of the hoops.  I do not know or understand the regulation.  On the UPS Mexico website it also states that you need a valid Mexico picture ID to ship things.

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