Monday, July 11, 2011

Nanci Yaga Reserva, Catemaco Mexico Part I

Nanciyaga Catemaco 005After a long night we arrived in Catemaco.

We had purchased bus tickets to leave Puebla at 11:40 Wednesday night.  The bus arrived in Puebla an hour late due to problems on the road coming from Mexico City.  It was a bus ride of 6 1/2 hours.  We were able to sleep a little but not so much.  There were maybe 5 or 6 different stops on the way to Catemaco.  We arrived in Catemaco at 7 A.M. and caught a taxi to the reserve.  The reserve was 20-25 minutes from the bus terminal.  When we arrived at the reserve we were told that our cabin would not be ready until 1 P.M. but we already knew that was the check in time.  So we climbed into the hammocks to take a nap.  About 8:00 A.M. they took pity on us and took us to our cabin which was the Rana (frog) cabin.  We stowed our belongings and went for a walk through the reserve.  There are lots of stone paths, statues, a hanging bridge, crocodiles, iguanas, etc. 

Nanciyaga Catemaco 014

Our first toast inside our cabin.  Our cabin was a matrimonial cabin but with 2 single beds.  Perfect!!  That is about all that fit in our cabin.  We had shelves up above for our gear.  After the self-guided tour, we took a nap.  The nap lasted for 5 hours but was so amazing.  No stereo, TV, computers, telephones, etc.  Only the noise of the jungle.  It was  heaven.


Nanciyaga Catemaco 016Nanciyaga Catemaco 024Nanciyaga Catemaco 026Nanciyaga Catemaco 028

Here are some of the statues and the medicine wheel.  The original people here where the Olmec's.

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