Monday, July 11, 2011

Nanci yaga Part II

Crocodiles, Turtles, and Iguanas.  We could hear the lizards and iguanas jumping from the trees and scrambling across our roof.  It was awesome.

Nanciyaga Catemaco 035Nanciyaga Catemaco 041Nanciyaga Catemaco 039

This is a giant turtle looking structure that I believe is used for ceremonies.  My idea is that it is similar to a Native American Kiva.  We did not take the actual tour so this is only a guess.

Nanciyaga Catemaco 053Nanciyaga Catemaco 055

There were canoes and kayaks available to use.  Friday we went out in a Canoe and then Saturday we went out in a Kayak.  The Kayak actually belonged to the guys in the cabin next door.  We did not know that until we were ready to head out.  They insisted we take it for a spin.  It was new, so with a bit of apprehension we headed out.  We are on Lake Catemaco which is a big lake.  In the afternoon I was lucky to be invited out again since Beto’s cousin Ernesto had a bad sunburn and was avoiding the sun.  This was an awesome kayak trip of about 3 hours.  We went to one island that is a project of the University.  They have put 60 monkeys on the island for study.  I was able to see 4 of them.  They are different from the Howler Monkeys that are near the cabins.


Nanciyaga Catemaco 075Nanciyaga Catemaco 077Nanciyaga Catemaco 083


This is the bano de Fango Mineralomedicinal (mudbath).  We painted ourselves with the mud and then rinsed off in the mineral waters.  It still looked like we had tattoos so we went into another hut that had loufahs and water with patchouli leaves in it.  We washed in this. The water smells wonderful and our skin felt so good.

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