Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Day at HELP (The English School)

Today was a pretty good day overall.

I attempted to get my hair cut and made three attempts but the place I had gone to before was not open.  I may try tomorrow and then again maybe not.

Natalie and I had one last date at noon at the Bakery.  She has been a great person to have as a friend.

last day at HELP 021Saying Goodbye at the end of the day was hard, although it was only “hasta luego” vs. “adios” since we will be seeing each other in a couple weeks.  She is not thrilled to have 3 more weeks left at the school but it is good we will both be in Puebla.

last day at HELP 010last day at HELP 009

For class today, we combined our 2 classes of 10 kids and just had a party.  We popped popcorn, drank coke, ate cookies, played games and made collages.

last day at HELP 024last day at HELP 025

Diana and Valeria                                        Gabo and Javi

After school Darian and I went out for Molletes and Pelonas.  After that Darian took me out for a Paleta (I am an addict).  I had the 6 flavor one, which had horchata, grosella, limon, mandarina, strawberry, and rompope.  Yum!!  It was raining and so we took the bus home. 

Tomorrow I will be packing for my Sunday departure. 

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