Monday, May 9, 2011


Yesterday Kristin and I walked to the Zocolo which is in the center of town. It took us 55 minutes to walk there. This first picture is walking through the downtown area towards the Zocolo. There was a race of cyclists and runners in town and so all the streets were bocked off from traffic. This is a view looking down the street towards the Zocolo.

This is the Zocolo which is a large park type area with alot of greenery.

We are still in the Zocolo. The church in the background is approximately 500 years old. There are alot of shops and restaurants on the streets surrounding the Zocolo. We went in the pasteleria and purchased a treat. I had a croissant. It wasn't the same as the ones I am used to. This one was much heavier and more bread like. Total time to get there, wander around and return was 3.5 hours.

Later in the afternoon I made my first journey to the supermarket to pickup some things that I needed. It was my first experience navigating and making purchases at the store. Total cost was less than $12 US. I also purchased two 1.5 liter bottles of water to use as weights. I think they were about .30 each.

Last night for dinner we had crepes and they were so delicious. They do not have syrup here but use sweetened condensed milk in it's place. They were so decadent. We ate dinner at 9:30 which is common. I can already feel that my belly is growing.