Monday, May 30, 2011

la lavadora esta descompuesto

Major Bummer!! The washer is broken and may remain that way for the duration of my stay.

mexico 031

The temperature cools off in the evening but the house stays REALLY hot until about 3 AM. We have escaped to the roof to get out of the heat.

mexico 014mexico 024

YUM!! Almuerzo (lunch)

mexico 029

We live across the street from a school. There are two turns as they call them for classes. The first turn goes to school from 7AM to 1 or 2 PM depending on the day. The second turn goes from 1PM to 8PM. There are 1000 students in each turn. It is a secondary school which is equivalent to our Jr. High. The band practices in the morning and in the evening 7 days a week. Early in the morning (7AM) the loud speaker is on with announcements and music. Every evening before classes get out, this van (below) shows up for 40 minutes with a loud speaker that repeats over and over, pan….pan…pan…pan de dulce…pan…pan…pan…..pan de dulce. There are several different gas trucks (propane) that come down our street throughout the day with a loud speacker, el gas….el gas….el gas….atencion y servicio….el gas….el gas. So…..what I want to say is, I LONG FOR PEACE & QUIET, big time. On Sunday the TV does not get turned on which is soooo nice. Yesterday was peaceful for the most part. I will never take “the quiet” for granted again.

This is the pan de dulce van.

mexico 028

Guayabas, YUM! Chapulines (grasshoppers)

mexico 001chapulines

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  1. ya comiste chapulines vdd? espero que si... y guayabas me encantan!!!