Friday, May 6, 2011

Buenos Dias Amigos

Well I am here! My biggest concern yesterday was the transition from the plane through the airport to the bus.
After having my luggage searched at customs, I made it into the main airport and began my search for transporte terrestre, the busses. After locating the bus area, I was in search of changing US dollars for pesos. I did not find any place to do so but did find a cajero automatico, the ATM. The first one was out of order. I had success at the second one I found. Then I purchased a phone card.
I returned to the bus area and purchased a ticket for the 3:30 PM bus. It was currently 3:40. The girl told me I had 10 minutes before the bus would leave.
I found a phone, called the school and let them know that I was on the 3:30 bus. Edwin informed me that my family would meet me at the station.
When I arrived at the station, I was met by the host family father, Amer, as well as a few others. Kristin is my room mate at the home for the next week. I am glad to have her so she can show me a few things, like how to get to school. You all know how dirrectionally challenged I am.
Kristen is from New Zealand and is darling.
I did not have great information before arriving, so;
The family has a stationary story which is located below their house. It is a small store. The parents work in the store from 6 AM to 6 PM. There are 3 daughters, Frida 9, Melanie 13, and Coral 14. The mother, Antonia speak English and the father, Amer has asked that I speak to them in English.
Currently there are also 3 other family memebers living here. Antonia's parents and her neice are here. Her parents are here for 2 weeks but her neice will stay here as she is working in Puebla. They are also from Mexico but near the border of Texas.
Last night we had tortillas, beans, and chilies cooked with onions for dinner. it was yummy.
Kristen and I will walk to the school this morning. She says it is about a 20 minute walk.
More later,

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  1. What a great update Lori. I am looking forward to seeing photos of the school, the city and your home there.