Friday, May 20, 2011

Chile anyone?


Today I helped clean chile’s.  That was easy as I have done it many times before.  I wish I could tell you all the delicious food that I have eaten here so far.  Some days I eat 4 times which is good and bad.  Every morning I have milk  with either a banana or mango in the blender.  Then sometime between 11 and 12 I have breakfast, then at 3:00 I have lunch, then if I can stay awake until 11:00, I have dinner.  Everything is muy rico. Oh yeah and I eat churro’s also since all I have to do to get one is walk downstairs and pay 3.5 peso’s. 

Night before last I went to see Agua para elefantes with a group of 9 girls.  Five of them are from here and friends of another teacher, Angela.  Then there were the 4 of us teachers.  It did not start until 10:30 which is usually about my bedtime.  We were lucky that we got a ride home and arrived here just after 1:00 AM.  It was a great show as was expected since I had read the book.

On Monday I started daily sessions speaking Spanish with Amer, the dad where I live.  I ‘m enjoying that.  We meet in the store from 9-10 in the morning.  There are many customers.   t is easy to understand the customers since they are asking for things that I am familiar with.  Amer sales so many different things in the store that I am amazed each day. This week he purchased a new copy machine which is a big change from what he had to the huge one that he has now.  He is the only person in the neighborhood who has one and it is a big part of his business.  Then between customers we speak in Spanish.  This is giving me the opportunity to learn about things that I normally would not have the opportunity to.  I am really enjoying it.

My flat mate Kristin from New Zealand has taken a job in Korea to teach English for a year so she will be leaving within a couple of weeks.  I will definitely miss her.

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