Saturday, May 14, 2011

Una Excursion Buenisima

Today Kristin, Angela, and I took the bus to Cholula. While the bus was in motion, although moving at a slow speed, the bus drivers changed seats. That was something to see.

Santuario de Los Remedios Cholula Mexico

We arrived in Cholula and went directly to the Pyramid. It is the largest pyramid ever built in the World. It is said that it was dedicated to the God Quetzalcotl. I did not find out when but at some point a church was built on top of the pyramid. I am not sure if it was known that there was a pyramid there or not. Cortes had vowed that the city would be rebuilt with a Christian Church to replace each of the old Pagan temples. That said, it was probably known that it was there but then nature had done her part of reclaiming the area too. Because the church is there, they are not allowed to excavate the pyramid although part of it can be seen.

On the climb to the top, there were many people selling food, clothing, and hand made items. We ate grasshoppers. Angela had eaten them before and talked me into trying it. It was just crunchy. Now that I've done that I won't have to do it again.

In this city, it is said that there is a church for every day of the year. There are not that many but the information that I have seen differs between 50 and 260.

So knowing that there is a church built on top of the pyramid, it is a bit of a climb to get to the church and that is before we arrived at these steps to the church. This church is still in use so the members make the climb each time they attend the church.

Cholula (7)

The Church is named, Santuario de Los Remedios. This is a nice picture of the church taken from the side.

Lunch in ChipiloIt has been a busy day. We also visited Italy and we only had to take the bus to arrive there.

Ok so we are really in Chipilo which is located 12 k. from Puebla. Chipilo is an Italian town. So we stepped off the bus and were in Italy. This town was founded in 1882 when immigrants came from Italy in search of fertile land and to escape poverty. They came from Segusino and other small towns in the province of Treviso, Italy.

They have retained their venetian dialect. Their dialect has not changed along with Italian due to their isolation from their sister city in Italy.

Angela is studying linguistics and had studied in Chipilo 4 years ago and also traveled and lived in Segusino to study the difference in the 2 languages. Edwardo in the picture in a native of Chipilo.

It was strange to go from Puebla hearing all Spanish to Chipilo to hearing all Italian and seeing all the Italians.

For lunch we had pasta, pizza, and wine.

Cemetary in Chipilo (1)Edwardo took us to the cemetary which was very interesting. It was built on levels to duplicate the cemetaries in Segusino which are on hills. This plot was beautiful with 7 family members having been buried there.

Cemetary in Chipilo (2)The different levels are seen in this picture.

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